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Windwalker (Pantheon book one) is out in ebook format on the 20th of October, with book two to follow a month later. It's basically awesome and you should immediately head over to Amazon to get yourself a copy. In case you want to like, know stuff about it first, you can check out this sweet cover and description below.

In a world where disciples pledge themselves to gods in return for incredible powers, Ciara is a godless sixteen year-old girl living in a village that would shun her if they knew who she really was. She wants to escape her circumstances, especially her arranged marriage, and find somewhere she can live the life she's always dreamed of.

Ciara gets that chance when a down-on-his-luck deity gives her the power to pledge herself to multiple gods. But, to get what she wants, she'll have to fight her way through the best disciples the surrounding villages have to offer, prove herself to wild and untamed powers, and survive the grief-worshipping nightmares set to slaughter her village to appease their monstrous god.

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