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2023 releases

2023 is going to be a big year, with plenty of books coming out, so let's run through everything I'm planning on releasing this year.

First, every book in the Augmentamancer Chronicles series and my short story collection Unusual Tails and Other Unusual Tales are going to be fully rereleased with new covers with proper editing. I wrote these a while back and they were a bit rough and in need of polishing, but they'll be up to snuff soon and available for anyone who wants to read them. The first book, Black as Night, is done and you can expect that out very soon (like, in the next week). You can expect the second book, Black as Sin, within the next month. Beyond that, it will depend how much time I get for editing, but all five books (plus Unusual Tails) should be back out this year.

Second, the Frozen Dagger, my foray into more epic fantasy, will be releasing early this year too. The current plan is to bring it out on Royal Road, Scribble Hub, and Web Novel to join my superhero thriller Oblivion. Both of these will be heading to Amazon sometime this year after some proper editing/proofing, so if you want to read these in Kindle or paperback form, fear not.

Third, I've started work on something new. It's too early for much to be said about it yet, but it's a LitRPG book and it's a bit silly and fun. You can expect a 2023 release for that, but it's too early to say exactly when.

Fourth, Pantheon book four. I expect this to be later in 2023 as I have a few life things (like going on my honeymoon) that will reduce my writing time in the first half of the year.

Fifth, I am not currently planning another Philosophical Detective release this year. I was initially going to write book three of that series before book four of Pantheon, but my sales numbers suggest that a lot more of you want to read the latter than the former. I do intend to pick up John Consequent's adventures again in the future, but that will have to wait. If you want to change my mind on that, then reviews of the existing books are probably the best way to do that (and, ya know, I certainly appreciate them)

That pretty much wraps it up for my 2023 plans, so here's wishing you a happy new year.

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