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The Black Swan Killer

The first book of the Philosphical Detective series is here on the 20th of October with another to follow in a month's time. If you like philosophy, or detectives, or things that are awesome, you'll want to go check it out on Amazon. If you like amazing cover art, you'll want to check this out:

John Consequent is the world’s only philosophical detective. He can’t tell you whether your wife has been cheating or find the Maltese Falcon but if you need someone to convince you that your wife exists or find the true nature of consciousness, he’s your man.

So, when the police hire him to consult on a serial killer that is trying to prove that humanity is ultimately selfish, it’s not his usual sort of case. To make matters worse, a group of nihilists are out to kill him for explaining the meaning of life to one of their buddies.

John’s going to need more than a clever argument and a comfy armchair to get out of this one.

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